The room backups are divided into 3 parts :

  • configuration
    • configuration files which allow you to reconstruct all the work to configure a room:
      • automation.ini for automatic events
      • dashboard.ini for the dashboard
      • layout.ini for the position of the windows
      • masters.ini for the GM list
      • panel. *. ini for control panels
      • programs.ini for external applications, plugins, audio and video media
      • props.ini for connected props
      • script.ini for the game script
      • settings.ini for MQTT topics, backups and statistics, visible windows and room (name, duration of the game, etc.)
      • team.ini for the progress of the current game
  • files
    • Room directory folders except Media (hence the others: Externals, Images, Plugins, Props)
    • its size will be more or less important, generally a few hundred MegaBytes.
  • media
    • the Media folder in the Room directory
    • its size can exceed several GigaBytes with videos and audio tape of one hour

You can define several backup plans, a plan is named and it points to the backup folder, preferably a NAS server or a removable USB disk.

During the creation of the escape room it is advisable to often save the configuration files, possibly on a local disk, in order to be able to go back easily in case of errors like the deletion of a prop or a control panel.


To make a backup, all plugins and all media must be closed.

­čí▓ Create a backup plan