Predefined event

    • Example : MQTT message

Challenge event

    • Example : program command (audio)

Game event

    • Example : program command (audio)

Custom event

    • Example : Jane/John example (MPlayer)

Examples of automation

    • Printout of events
    • Printout of events in French

What is an automation event ?

Room core robot runs as soon as Room is started to trigger and handle events related to the escape room.

There are 4 classes of events :

    • predefined event - 12 predefined events are available
    • challenge event - events triggered when a challenge is done or undone
    • game event - events triggered on the game timer
    • custom event - events triggered on prop request (REQU message) or game master action (control panel action)

Each event can :

    • start / stop / restart programs (audio/video playback, plugin or any external application)
    • send MQTT messages to connected prop
    • send SSH commands to connected prop

Configure automation

 to add a new event

 to print detailed events from the escape room

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