Download issues

Even if Room installer is signed with a valuable FAURE SYSTEMS SAS┬« certificate, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers can cause problems when downloading Room installer :

The download is suspected to be dangerous and may request confirmation.

Solution: accept the download

Mozilla Firefox may not cause this kind of problems.

This is due to the multiple security threats we face today on the Internet and the extreme measures taken by these large companies. As large companies, they estimate that millions of downloads are necessary for a file to be secure.

The escape room engineering business is not a consumer business therefore, so you will probably be one of the first hundred users to download the room installer, and we are not going to exceed a thousand, far from their large number.

Installation issues

Antivirus software and security suites as well as Windows BitLocker can cause problems with Room installer.

For example, Avast will send a request to their lab and post that the file is safe after a minute or two, with a message like this:

Solution: be patient and retry

The installer will first download all packages from Room setup repository. Depending on your Internet access connection speed  you may face some download errors:

Solution: retry

First start issues

Again, antivirus may show itself, asking to block or authorize mosquitto.exe at first start:

Solution: authorize mosquitto.exe

mosquitto.exe is the most popular MQTT broker and is provided by the Eclipse Foundation and Room installer contains a portable mosquitto installation built from the original mosquitto installer from the download page.  

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