Statistics in JSON format

Request authentication (PHP example)

JSON statistics parsing  (PHP example)

Recording statistics (PHP MySQL example)


Uploading statistics requires the Game Statistics Upload option and possibly the Game Statistics Cloud Database option :

    • with Game Statistics Upload option :
      • statistics are sent to your HTTP server in JSON format
      • PHP example to parse JSON statistics
    • with Game Statistics Upload + Game Statistics Cloud Database options :
      • statistics are recorded in your private MySQL database on servers

Assuming Game Statistics Upload option is activated, statistics are uploaded when the game master closes the game script at the end of a game.

If statistics upload fails (no Internet connection for example) then statistics are saved to disk to be uploaded the next time the application is started.


If statistics are uploading to your own server you must set the Server URL and Secret key in Configure the game dialog :

Server URL : the complete URL of your upload script (https:// is not supported)

Secret key : a secret key to sign the data (32 characters  recommended)

­čí▓ Statistics in JSON format