The application and room data are stored in the same directory, in folders:

    • Program
      • bin
      • binutils
    • Room
      • Externals
      • Images
      • Media
      • Plugins
      • Props

The Program folder also contains all the configuration files in the room (files.ini not to be changed manually).

We recommend storing all files in the room folder in the Room folder, especially images, media and plugins in the appropriate folders. So the Backup module will help you protect the files and the configuration of the room.


The directory of the room must have write permissions, we recommend placing it in your Documents folder, for example :

C:\Users\«User name»\Documents\Xcape\My room

Multiple instances

You can run the installer multiple times to install multiple rooms on the same computer. Each instance is independent, therefore requires separate registrations and activation codes. You can then configure an external MQTT broker to avoid stopping the server when closing a room.

Hardware requirements

Room is fast with low memory imprint (120 MB), however video and multiple audio files simultaneous playback requires CPU horse power (Core i5 / Core i7).  The SSD drive speeds up the start of playback for a better audio / video effect experience.

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • RAM 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
  • Hard drive 128 GB (256 GB SSD drive recommended)
  • an Internet connection

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