• Download Room software installer
  • Install the software in a folder named after your escape game : The Exorcist
  • First start : activate administrator mode
  • Configure your escape game
  • Configure your microphone
  • Configure a soundtrack
  • Configure the escape game script
  • Add your game masters
  • Add an escape room reset checkbox in the dashboard
  • Exit administrator mode
  • Start your first game
  • Antivirus authorizations
  • More :
    • Configure a backup plan
    • Add iSpy as a plugin
    • Configure audio and video
    • Configure connected props
    • Configure control panels
    • Configure dashboard
    • Configure automation

Download Room software installer

Download the installer from https://xcape.io/download/

Nothing difficult here :

Run installer :

If your antivirus cause problems when downloading or running Room installer, you will find help in:

Install the software in a folder named after your escape game : The Exorcist

The room folder is somehow important, give it the name of your escape room :

For this quick start tutorial we don't need the Demo settings :


Again, nothing difficult here :

First start : activate administrator mode

The default admin password is 1234, you can change it anytime.

Configure your escape game

    • Set the Room name : The Exorcist
    • You most likely have a microphone connected to the system for the game master : check the Microphone control box
    • If you want to display video in the room with an extra monitor, set the Expected displays number appropriately.
    • We recommend to not change the MQTT topics.
    • Tune other settings appropriately.

Then Apply, the application must be restarted :

Configure your microphone

If you checked the Microphone control box, after restarting we must configure the audio input and output devices for the Microphone, click on MIC. ERROR :

Now you can mute/activate the microphone with the ON AIR button :

Configure a soundtrack

A soundtrack is almost mandatory for an escape game.

Click Open media folder and copy your audio soundtrack file in there :

Click  to create a new media :

    • Set Name and Request
    • It's the game soundtrack so check Started at new game
    • Navigate and set Media file and Configuration file
    • Set Audio devices to play the audio in the escape room
    • And click Apply

Configure the escape game script

The escape game script is made of challenges with their expected timing.

Click  to add a challenge and then  to configure the challenge :

The timing allows you to order the challenges in the script and to display alarms to the Game Master during the game when the team is late.

Add all the challenges of your escape game.

You will configure dependencies between challenges later, read more in the manual.

Add your game masters

Nothing difficult there.

Add an escape room reset checkbox in the dashboard

To help the game master, you can add a reset checkbox. It also helps teamwork when multiple game masters reset the rooms together:

    • the New game button will be enabled when the Reset box is checked.

Drag and drop the Prepare the room button :

Right click the widget to Edit  :

Choose Preparation :

Then you have the Check room ready checkbox :

Eventually the game master must check the Check room ready box to enable the New game button.

You can add two other check boxes :

    • Warm-up :
      use this check box when you start the room reset, the software will send commands to connected props so they are ready for the reset (switch on lights, open doors, unlock bolt etc.)
    • Correction :
      when the Preparation (room ready) has been checked, the reset is complete, you can start a new game. However for whatever reason (omission, mistake) the game master may need to enter the room. When he checks the preparation box, the software sends commands to connected props (to unlock internal doors to walk in the room to do his stuff).

Exit administrator mode

Nothing difficult there.

Start your first game

Check the room reset box and click New game :

The Escape game dialog is opened and the game master can follow on the customers easily, guided, throughout the game.

The Soundtrack indicator is blue while the audio is playing through VLC.

Antivirus authorizations

Your antivirus may ask you for VLC authorization. You will be asked once.


Configure a backup plan

Add iSpy as a plugin

Configure audio and video

Configure control panels

Configure automation

Configure connected props (requires activation)