Check the Check room ready for the game checkbox, then click New game button :

The Escape Game script is now open to guide the game master.

If you don't click anything (no clue, no aid, no challenge), the Bothersome indicator turns yellow after 3 minutes and red after 5 minutes :

This is to warn the GM that nothing has happened in the room for too long, players can get stuck and start to get bored.

A late challenge will see its indicator turns yellow or and the red :

Escape Game script

The game master will enter team information :

Team: nickname (if the players gave a name to their team, interesting in tournament)

Name : first name, last name of the customer

E-mail: customer address

Number of players : this number may be used to set the games that support the automation

With kids : adapt the scenario ; may be used to adjust games that support automation

Game master: GM in charge of the game

During the game, the GM or the challenges that support the automation (with connected props) will tick off the challenges as they are fulfilled by the players.

The GM may increment the Clues and Aids.

Once the game is finished and when the GM closes the Escape Game script, all the data will be uploaded if Game Statistics Upload option has been activated (see Statistics recording) :

­čí▓ Complete the room configuration