We’ll see how to create, trigger and automate audio effects with Room and we’ll add light effects with a simple connected prop:

Part 1: Create (preloaded) audio effect

Part 2: Add light effect with simple prop

Part 3: Trigger audio/light effect when challenge is completed

Part 1: Create (preloaded) audio effect

To ensure an audio file is played instantly, Room preload the audio file in memory so playback starts without latency.

The audio file MUST be in WAV format (an MP3 to WAV conversion script is available in the tutorial files on GitHub).

If you don’t want to use Room, you can use the AudioBox applet from GitHub (no code required, just configuration).

Install Room

Download and install Room.

Choose a “room” name for the tutorial:

Uncheck the Demo package to start a room from scratch:

Create a thunder storm audio effect

Run Room in administrator mode (the default password is 1234).

Everything is green (internal MQTT server is running and connected):


Open the Audio effects configuration window from the Options menu:

Here we are, with the Audio effects configuration:

To configure our audio effect:

  1. enter a meaningful and friendly name
  2. set a request
  3. select and audio WAV file
  4. choose and audio output device
  5. ignore the MQTT command for now
  6. test the effect (Fire button)
  7. Apply

The Audio Box button appears in our Room dashboard:

Trigger effect manually

The game master can open the Audio Box and trigger the effect pushing the related button.

The audio file has been preloaded so playback starts instantly.

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