We’ll see how to create, trigger and automate audio effects with Room and we’ll add light effects with a simple connected prop:

Part 1: Create (preloaded) audio effect

Part 2: Add light effect with simple prop

Part 3: Trigger audio/lights effect when challenge is completed

Part 2: Add light effect with simple prop

Light effects are as important as audio effects for immersive experience.

Controlling lights requires a prop connected to the network to receive orders from Room via MQTT broker.

You can learn about DIY props here and get props source there on GitHub.

We use an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 to control 6 lights with a 8-relays SSR module:

  1. we configure the MQTT command of the Audio Box effect
  2. we test the MQTT command
  3. we build and connect the Light prop 
  4. we add the Light prop to Room props
  5. we test the whole audio/lights effect with Room

Configure MQTT command

  1. enter an MQTT topic for testing
  2. enter a command to be sent to the prop
  3. Apply

Test MQTT command is sent

From the File menu, open the Sent message window:

Now, when you trigger the Thunder storm effect, a message is posted in Room/Test effect topic:

Build and connect a Light prop

We keep this tutorial simple by building a simple prop with an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 to control 6 lights. with a 8-relays SSR module (see RELAY_MODULES.md). 

  1. Download ArduinoProps.zip
  2. Open Arduino IDE
  3. Install ArtduinoProps library
  4. Install WiFiNINA library

Configure and upload the Light Prop sketch to the MKR WiFi 1010:

  • Open DuinoLightProp.ino sketch in Arduino IDE
  • Enter your WiFi network credentials in arduino_secrets.h
  • Upload the sketch thru the USB serial port
MKR WiFi 1010 pinout

Add your Light prop to Room

Add the prop in Room software:

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