Why Room software is free?

Room software and healthy DIY props code  are ones of the keys of success of Live Escape in Grenoble, France ; the others are the game play quality as well as the staff.

From our perspective, if all live escape game businesses in a local area are successful, our business will make more revenues. Therefore we have decided to offer the Room software for free and to open our props healthy Python and C/C++ code for the whole escape room ecosystem.

Room software is one of the key of success of Live Escape in France. Providing the software for free to the live escape game ecosystem will increase our own revenues.

How can Room software be free?

At FAURE●SYSTEMS we secured our escape room business by leveraging on our IoT business for Industry 4.0 and with the sponsoring of Live Escape Grenoble, France.

Therefore, offering Room software for free became possible.

By the way any company can become a sponsor for Room software,  just ask us by email.

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